Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Never Had It So Good - Thank you...

Greetings Crowlings...

How's everybody doing out there?
So here we are... Our "Never Had It So Good" EP has been officially released, and it's all happening here at Castle Crow. The Launch Party on March 3rd was an incredible Sold Out show, and it was incredibly humbling to have so many people there with us for the occasion. Thank you to all, who bought tickets, stood in what soon became a sauna all night, and spent you're hard earned cash on the new EP. Nothing but love to each and every one of you. If you couldn't make the show, you can still check the review here - http://donkeyonatreadmill.tumblr.com/

Massive thank you to our good friends The Pocket Godzillas and Robert Brown of The Smoldering Sons for opening up the show in style. For those of you that haven't seen these guys, they're incredible and you should definitely check them out on the net. We also want to take this opportunity to thank all involved with the making of the EP...

The world famous Rockfield Studios for giving the opportunity in such an incredible place, one that now feels like a kind of spiritual home. Our legendary producer Nick Brine aka "The Green Dragon" for spending countless hours in the studio, with various different implements up his arse to make the EP sound "Bang tidy, boyo". Eric James at Philosophers Barn for the mastering and making everything sound suitably shiny for us. Paul Agar at A Zillion Dollar Design for turning our nonsensical scribbles and drawings into the amazing artwork you see today. Nigel at Audiotree for manufacturing the discs at such short notice (as per usual). And finally Mr Matt Goom, our manager and friend, for... everything. Without you, none of this would be possible, we really do appreciate it, and from the very bottom of our dirty little hearts... Thank you.

As for what's next... well we're not allowed to say exactly, but there's some really exciting gigs, a brand new website, and a video for "Slow Up, Get Down" all coming to light in the next few weeks, so keep a weather eye on the horizon people, and we'll see you all soon.

Thanks... again.

Whippz, Lance, Will, Chris
The Burning Crows

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